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Cookie Settings. Book online. Related: Photos: gold, amber and bronze treasures found in Iron Age grave. The "tops" of these figure-of-eight buildings are about 82 feet 25 m in diameter and the "bottoms" are smaller, at about 33 feet 10 m in diameter, Gleenson said. Each of these buildings are located within an even larger, circular enclosure about feet m in diameter.

Put another way, "we have two figure-of-eight shaped buildings in a much larger figure-of-eight shaped enclosure and all of that is contained within a series of palisades [wooden staked] enclosures of about meters [ feet] in diameter," Gleeson said. These huge temples are among the largest and most complex ritual structures dating to later prehistory and pre-Roman times in Northern Europe, Gleeson said in a statement.

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He added that the repetitive use of the figure-of-eight motif may have cosmic significance, which suggests that "these are, in fact, religious structures. Of note, the four palisades predate the Iron Age meter structure. It appears that Iron Age people built, destroyed and reconstructed temples repeatedly over generations on the same site, Gleeson told Live Science. Human activity continued at Navan Fort after these Iron Age constructions, Gleeson and his colleagues found.

Massive ancient temple complex may lurk beneath famous Northern Ireland fort

The team team identified another complex of enclosures that likely date to early medieval times, a time when the Kings of Ulster are said to have lived there, Gleeson said. It's possible that Navan Fort was selected as a medieval royal residence because of the religious temples that had once stood here, Gleeson said.

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So, this is really changing the way we look at Navan Fort. Next, once they secure funding, the team hopes to excavate these structures at Navan Fort, Gleeson said. Until then, archaeologists can only guess as to what purpose those medieval structures served. Live Science.