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There are those who fail to understand that while speech is a protected right, it comes with the responsibility not to commit criminal acts, or to be hateful and disrespectful to others.

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Hate comes in many forms; direct face to face confrontations, writings, or through social media. So many hide behind the anonymity of social media. We should remember a meme may appear to be humorous to one person, it may actually be hurtful and offensive to others. Parents should monitor the social media of their children and when hateful content is found take appropriate action to educate and remove access to that social media platform. It is important to understand the differences between hate crimes and hate incidents.

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A hate crime is a crime against a person, group, or property motivated by the victim's real or perceived protected social group. The law protects against many classes of hate crimes. Here are signs of a possible hate crime:. A hate incident is an action or behavior motivated by hate but legally protected by the First Amendment right to freedom of expression. Examples of hate incidents include:. The U. Constitution allows hate speech as long as it does not interfere with the civil rights of others.

If a hate incident starts to threaten a person or property, it may become a hate crime. The San Marino Police Department encourages everyone who believes they may be a victim of a hate crime to contact the Department immediately so we may conduct a thorough investigation. It is important for you to report these crimes.

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You may not be the only victim and such activity, whether from a group or an individual, cannot be ignored. When you report a crime, you may be protecting someone else in our community.

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  7. We take every call from the public serious and will investigate any crime to the fullest extent of the law. It is time for all of us to get together and loudly denounce hate crimes and hate speech. We cannot ignore, or remain silent, it is time to speak up and stand up against hate. I invite all members of this community to join me and many other members of the City to speak out against hate directed at our Asian American and Pacific Islander communities and all other people who call San Marino home.

    This press release was produced by the City of San Marino. Consumption and business sentiment indices have been compiled starting in based on annual household and business surveys. Price Statistics : Consumer prices data are available monthly with short delays.

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    Government Finance Statistics : The authorities have provided data for the central government, state-owned enterprises, and social security fund for —16, as well as the budget for However, some of the data have not been compiled in accordance with IMF standards. Monetary and Financial Statistics : Since , the authorities have provided balance sheet data on the commercial banks and the monetary authority to STA databases, although due to data consistency issues since Q2, their publication has been postponed. These data are provided on a quarterly basis, with approximately a six-week reporting lag.

    The CBSM has improved sectorization and expanded data collection to cover the offshore asset management activities of banks. The breakdown of deposits and other assets and liabilities between residents and nonresidents and the breakdown of short-term credit by public and private sector components are also available.

    However, there is no broad money survey. Data on nonbank financial intermediaries are also lacking. Financial Sector Surveillance : The authorities report financial soundness indicators FSIs , 11 out of 12 core and 5 out of 13 encouraged FSIs for deposit takers, on a quarterly basis. FSIs for other financial corporations, nonfinancial corporations, and households are not reported.

    External Sector Statistics : Starting in , trade statistics have been released quarterly with a lag of about six months. San Marino does not publish balance of payments accounts, but the authorities have received Fund technical assistance on BOP statistics and are in the process of compiling them. Other Resources Citing This Publication look up citations for this publication in google scholar. International Monetary Fund. Contact us Privacy policy Legal notices.

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    Percent of Quota. SDR Department. Percent of Allocation. STA Monetary and financial statistics. STA National accounts statistics. STA Government finance statistics.

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    General : Data provision is broadly adequate for surveillance, but some data gaps exist. Consolidated Balance Sheet of the Banking System. Interest Rates 2.