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Unlike an unfertilized egg, which has half of the necessary genetic information to make a new life—the other half is in the sperm cell—you already have a full set of genetic information, just as you would in a viable embryo. The electrical burst also jumpstarts cell division. After a few days, assuming that the process successfully takes hold, the lab can then surgically implant the cells into yet another animal: a surrogate dog mother.

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Often, surrogates then go on to carry other cloned pregnancies. If you were ever considering cloning your dog, this process may already have you hesitating. But things are about to get even more questionable, morally. Even not counting the original egg donor and surrogate, the cloning process still requires numerous dogs to produce a single clone.

Snuppy and his twin were two of only three pregnancies that resulted from more than 1, embryos implanted into surrogates.

Why You Should Date Your Complement, Not Your Clone

Very high. As Ko and his co-authors note , there may be legitimate reasons to clone animals. For instance, you might want to make many of the same dogs for research, replicate service dogs with rare and desirable abilities, or clone endangered species for conservation. Yet many animal advocates and ethicists still raise strong objections. Even if one is willing to overlook the suffering of animals harvested for their eggs and co-opted into pregnancy, questions still arise.

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