Notwithstanding this condition and subject to compliance with the other conditions of the Free Fees Initiative, students who already hold a Level 6 qualification Higher Certificate or National Certificate or a Level 7 qualification Ordinary Bachelor Degree or National Diploma and are progressing to a Level 8 Honours Bachelor Degree course without necessarily having received an exemption from the normal duration of the course, may be deemed eligible for free fees. Tuition fees will also not be paid in respect of students undertaking a repeat year of study at the same year level.

In this regard, this condition may be waived where evidence of exceptional circumstances, such as cases of certified serious illness, is provided. Subject to compliance with the other conditions of the Free Fees Initiative, students who have previously pursued but have not completed a course of third level study and subsequently resume third level studies: may be deemed eligible for free fees where the third level course concerned did not attract any exchequer funding e.

Part-time and evening students are included in this category. Tuition fees will be paid in respect of eligible students who, having attended but not completed approved courses, are returning following a break of at least five years in order to pursue approved courses at the same level. The tuition fees payable do not include the payment to be made by students towards the cost of registration, examination and student services. Nationality In order to meet the nationality criteria of the Free Fees Initiative, students must meet one of the following:.

Since the coming into force in November of section 3 of the Refugee Act as amended , refugees [sometimes referred to as Convention refugees, to distinguish them from Programme refugees — see 3 b below] must, for the purpose of the Free Fees Initiative, be treated on the same basis as Irish citizens. This means that a refugee is entitled to be allowed meet the terms of the residency clause in the same manner as an Irish citizen i. For example, periods of residency as an applicant for asylum or as a declared refugee prior to the acquisition of citizenship and entry into third level may be taken into account.

Extract from Section 17 1 of the Refugee Act, as amended reads as follows: —. Extract from Section 3 2 a of the Refugee Act, as amended , reads as follows: —. The position is that where the Minister for Justice and Equality confirms that a person is a family member, or dependent family member, of a refugee and is allowed to remain in the State under Section 18 of the Refugee Act , such family members may be entitled to free fees once they meet the other criteria of the Free Fees Initiative — as long as the principal refugee is allowed to remain in the State. Such family members, who have been given permission to enter the State, must present themselves to a Garda Registration Office within 90 days of arriving in the State at which time they will be issued with a GNIB Garda National Immigration Bureau registration card.

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Each institution should have sight of the following original documentation in order to determine eligibility for free fees for such family members of refugees: original letter from Minister for Justice and Equality which confirms family member status under Section 18 of Refugee Act , and GNIB registration card,. Where such family members are given permission to reside in the State by the Department of Justice and Equality, they would be notified to report to their local immigration officer to have their passport endorsed and will be issued with a residence card bearing the title 4EUFam i.

The card must bear the title 4EUFam.

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Persons who have been granted Humanitarian Leave to remain under any enactment for the time being in force. More Information. Donegal Accommodation The Strand Hotel has 36 bedrooms, including family rooms, some with ocean views and complimentary Wi-Fi throughout the hotel Rooms Gallery. Book direct online for guaranteed best prices, easy and instant confirmation, safe and secure booking Book Now Rooms.

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Dining at The Strand Hotel Offering diners a casual dining experience with a varied selection of menus, wonderful service and unrivalled value for money Glashedy Restaurant Strand Bar Dining. In Line with The Recent Government announcement placing Donegal in level 5 restrictions we will be closed until May 4th. The Government will upadate us then on the next step.

We will open every Saturday Please see our Facebook Page for regular updates. Since reopening on June 29th we have worked hard in providing a safe environment by following all guidelines and recommendations and being awarded the Covid Safety Charter by failte Ireland. We look forward to Donegal being clear to move back to level 2 thereby hopefully reopening as soon as we are sure it is safe for both guests and Staff.

We will contact all guests in due course.


Please adhere to all Government guidelines and recommendations. Thanks to two outstanding performances from the formidable Joey King and Patricia Arquette, The Act is a true crime dramatization that hits you with shock after shock. SNL star Aidy Bryant is all charm and relatability in this comedy that offers an honest look at the life of a young woman learning to accept her body. The theme streams through her work and love life, with some standout secondary characters including the hilarious Patti Harrison along for the ride.

While some of the storylines are a little familiar, Shrill is nevertheless both delightful and uplifting. Alex Garland brings his existential sci-fi mastery to TV in Devs , a miniseries centered on a Silicon Valley quantum computing company. Somehow a thriller that moves at a contemplative pace, Devs sees Lily investigate the mysterious death of her boyfriend who dies on his first day working for Devs, a division of the company no one seems able to explain.

Haunting, atmospheric and going big with its exploration of free will and determinism, Devs is unforgettable TV. After spending her 20s in a relationship with a woman, Sadie realizes she needs a break to explore her bisexuality. She has flings with both men and women on a messy, complicated journey to self-discovery. Delivered with total compassion by creator-star Desiree Akhavan, The Bisexual is as poignant as it is witty.

Based on a Celeste Ng novel, Little Fires Everywhere puts a microscope on two women and their differing socioeconomic backgrounds. The ever brilliant Reese Witherspoon and Kerry Washington play the women, who both juggle teenage children, work and a whole lot of other conflicts.

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It all kicks off with a house burning down, so you know you're in for some dark twists and big acting moments. The spinoff of Love, Simon follows another young man figuring out his identity and sexual orientation. Delivered with all the heart you could hope for, Love, Victor is a welcome continuation of the Love, Simon world, with Nick Robinson returning to narrate. Blanchett plays Phyllis Schlafly, a conservative activist who caused unexpected backlash to the political movement to pass The Equal Rights Amendment.

Other prominent feminists of the '70s like Gloria Steinem and Betty Friedan all pop up. For a vivid look at history through powerhouse performances, Mrs. America is tremendous. From Rick and Morty co-creator Justin Roiland comes another animated sitcom that pairs outer space with middle America. Solar Opposites centers on a family of aliens who must take refuge on Earth, a place that is both fascinating and awful to them in equal measure. With humor and humanity to ground the fast-pace craziness, Solar Opposites is an easy hit. The Accident is about, yep, an accident in a fictional Welsh community.

An explosion on a construction site kills several children, leaving the community fighting for justice. Lancashire plays a hairdresser married to a local politician, whose plans to improve the town don't quite work out. Smart, nuanced and tackling complicated material, The Accident is compelling viewing. Marvel's show about teenage superheroes has a pretty intriguing premise: Six youngsters team up to fight against Eventually The Runaways sees the teens do some running, escaping their parents as well as villains like Morgan le Fay. Despite the occasionally standard superhero storytelling, the strong ensemble will grow on you, alongside the wider Marvel Cinematic Universe references and general exciting action.

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If you're a fan of the comics, you'll be satisfied. Yes, you read the title correctly for this comedy series that thrives off cringe humor. PEN15 is a unique, wild farce about growing up in the s, so internet dial-up, Discmans and choker necklaces are everywhere. The weird part: We follow two year-olds played by adult actors, while their school co-stars are all the right age.

You definitely have to see the ridiculous fun for yourself. The latest John Green young adult novel adaptation is an impressive miniseries set in the early s, following students at a boarding school and a love story between Pudge and Alaska. But in a sad turn, there's a tragedy the students have to come to terms with. Looking For Alaska brings big teen emotions to life with an excellent cast and a wash of nostalgia.

Casual brings impressive credentials behind the scenes, with Jason Reitman of Juno and Up In The Air sitting in the director's chair for a host of episodes. We follow Valerie, a recently divorced single mom living with her weird brother. The show doesn't hold back as she starts internet dating, with hilarious sharp edges to the dialogue, as well as a few deeper reflections on life.

Set in 18th century London, Harlots follows Margaret Wells, a brothel owner who faces competition from a rival brothel that offers posher services to more elite clientele. Looking at life for women at the time, when they could only move up in the world through marriage or sex work, Harlots has a bittersweet side amid the campy fun. Misfits creator Howard Overman teams up with Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg to bring us this ludicrous comedy about a time traveling janitor. After Josh Futturman completes his favorite video game, the characters come to life and recruit him to help save the world.

Along with the dumb jokes and surprisingly compelling sci-fi, there's a sense of nostalgia that enriches the overall fun. Ramy Youssef stars in this comedy-drama that shines a light on life for a first-generation American Muslim growing up in New Jersey.

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Understanding the values of his Egyptian community can be precarious for Ramy, but he takes on his spiritual journey with humor and empathy. It gets even better when Mahershala Ali joins in season 2. Hulu came into the picture for this British political satire in season 4 all the way back in