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The BrainMap seminar series is offered by and for researchers using neuroimaging to study brain structure and function. Presented by invited speakers from around the world, as well as by investigators who call the Martinos Center home, the talks cover the gamut of topics - with a particular focus The Nguyen lab focuses on the development and clinical application of novel imaging techniques to characterize the cardiovascular system including MRI, optical, and PET.

Our primary research interests fall into four general areas: 1 bio- inspired design for heart assisted devices Science Robot In a recent conversation, lead author Clarissa Zimmerman Cooley g There is a server farm with over 50 Linux servers that handles central storage, email, web, print, s Anxiety disorders and depression are widespread among adolescents in the U.

Now, using cutting-edge brain i Bin Deng, PhD, is a biomedical scientist whose research interests revolve around near-infrared NIR spectroscopy, functional optical imaging, the interactions between NIR light and tissue, noninvasive optical biomarkers and the pathophysiology of diseases.

Deng investigates the intersection The series proved so successful the organizers are planning to hold a She also holds research appointments in the Psychiatric Neuroimaging Program in the Department of Psychiatry and a Researchers have long believed that the amygdala, an almond-shaped structure in the brain, is central to the experience and perception of fear.

Studies initiated in the s of a patient with a rare condition affecting the amygdala initially seemed to support this conclusion.

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