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In fact, one is a new species that is only found in freshwater aquariums—it has no known natural origin! This aquatic clone is a crayfish that has no official scientific name yet, but it is known as a marmorkreb, or more commonly as the marbled crayfish. It was discovered in a German aquarium shop in the s. Some crayfish enthusiasts speculate that it is an offshoot of a Procambarus species, but this has not been established as fact.

The gender of marbled crayfish is always female, and they do not need a partner to reproduce—they reproduce parthenogenetically. As their name implies, they feature an attractive brown marbled pattern, which is identical from individual to individual, and as they mature, they develop deep blue legs and even red and green colors in the claws. Their colors can also be affected by diet. Because these unusual crayfish clone themselves, they are gaining popularity within the scientific community, particularly among scientists working on genetics and stem cell research.

In the classroom they are used by biology teachers to demonstrate evolution and cloning in a current, real-world environment. Some aquarium hobbyists now use the marbled crayfish as a self-replicating source of feeders for carnivorous fishes of all sizes.

China’s Clubhouse clones all have a fatal flaw

Sport fishermen are raising colonies for use as bait, particularly for saltwater fishing, and it is even rumored that this species is being farmed by the Chinese government for use as a source of cheap food for humans! They grow very quickly to adulthood, usually around 3 to 5 inches 8 to 12 cm , at which point they can start to reproduce.

From the time a baby hatches, it takes about 5 to 7 months for the crayfish to have babies of its own. Each of these female crayfish is capable of holding to eggs each time, with incubation periods between 22 and 42 days. The younger adults have a smaller number of babies, with brood size increasing as they age. Apparently the mothers do not eat their young as most crayfish do, and they can occupy the same aquarium together with very little cannibalism. Still, the young ones sometimes overtake a sibling in a power play.

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Like other crayfish species, they grow by molting, or literally crawling out of their shell. Being efficient creatures, they will eat their discarded exoskeleton. There are now videos online showing the various stages of a marbled crayfish being berried see the Resources section at the end of this article. An Internet search on the marbled crayfish will turn up a number of articles from the British press that feature frantic horror stories about this animal taking over ecosystems in Europe. While the marbled crayfish was discovered in Germany, it is considered an American animal.

Hysterical, sensational hype found in British articles—in scientific journals and the tabloid press—also claim that this species carries a virus or fungal plague that can kill crayfish species exclusive to European rivers and lakes. However, biologists in the United States tend to downplay these stories, as no outbreak has actually been recorded in Europe or elsewhere. To date, marbled crayfish are legal to keep in the U.

Zuckerberg had just finished speaking to the staff about the white supremacist violence in Charlottesville, Virginia, the weekend before — and what a difficult week it had been for the world. He was answering questions on a range of topics, but the employee wanted to know: Why had he waited so long to say something? Subscribe for free. Source Code: Your daily look at what matters in tech. Source Code.

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  • Here are China's Clubhouse clones?
  • Get Braintrust in your inbox every Thursday. Get access to the Protocol Fintech newsletter, research, news alerts and events. Here are China's Clubhouse clones. But few founders want to talk about it, fearful of becoming "the next TikTok. April 2, But I couldn't find talent with comparable skills here. In today's geopolitical environment, American companies aren't eager to feed the impression that their engineering work is being performed in China. But according to a Protocol investigation, that's happening widely.

    No publicly available data tracks the number of U. Those Protocol interviewed estimate that one in five U. Many American tech companies outsource projects globally via services like Upwork or via contract brokers in India or eastern Europe. Meanwhile, U. These startups are tapping China's vast and growing engineering talent base, as well as expertise in areas such as ecommerce and short video where technological innovation leads the U. China's engineering talent base is vastly larger, and less expensive, than that found stateside.

    By contrast, U. Costs aside, engineers in China are generally accustomed to a grueling work schedule known as "" — from 9 a. Tech workers have become vocally sick of this arduous schedule, but bosses still consider it the norm.

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    These "second-tier" cities include still massive places like Chengdu, Wuhan and Nanjing, according to Richard Xu, who runs the U. Xu says "almost all" of the U. Paul Lang, co-founder of Yunbanbao, a U. It represents about a third of the company's total staff. Personnel in Fuzhou cost in salary about one-third of American employees, Lang, a Shenzhen native who moved to the U. Positions that require cutting-edge know-how, such as an AI architect, are equally difficult to fill in China, Xu says, and the compensation for those jobs in China is no less competitive than in Silicon Valley.

    But the China-Silicon Valley talent ecosystem began to change in the mids when technologies invented in China started going abroad, fueled both by Beijing's policies promoting innovation and a Chinese VC boom. Around the same time, a wave of young Chinese immigrants started joining the U. Some of them eventually became U. The company went public on Nasdaq last year. China's no longer the place where stuff gets made; it's a tech hub.

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    Smaller startups Protocol talked to believe that as long as they put in place mechanisms to ensure data integrity, their China teams won't pose a security risk to U. Lang said Yunbanbao makes sure to follow data collection and user privacy laws wherever the company operates. He says the company doesn't collect any sensitive user information, such as credit card numbers. Lang adds his company's servers are in the U. AI-driven news aggregator and requested anonymity told Protocol that the company has established a firewall to bifurcate data access.

    The company's core AI engineering teams are not in China, and no employee in China can access algorithmic data or tools that could impact the selection and ranking of stories. And they'll say things like, 'You know, they just give the data to the Chinese government,'" Ahmad said.

    Here are China's Clubhouse clones - Protocol — The people, power and politics of tech

    But he understands the fate of his startup is ultimately at the mercy of the broader U. Keep Reading Show less. March 21, Kate Silver is an award-winning reporter and editor with plus years of journalism experience. Based in Chicago, she specializes in feature and business reporting. But the battle isn't over.